Baggies - Body Lotion 10ml

Whether you are planning a wedding, expecting a baby, or organizing a gathering with your best friends, it has to be Shay! Always part of your life and your special moments, Anfasic Dokhoon offers a variety of giveaways that can be customized starting from as little as 10 pieces. This beautiful baggie contains 10ml of Shay Shay Body Cream.

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Anfasic Dokhoon - Shay Shay Cream

1 pc (Price per piece) 10 pcs (Price per piece) 50 pcs (Price per piece) 100 pcs (Price per piece)
4.00 OMR 3.10 OMR
2.75 OMR
2.35 OMR

البائع: Anfasic Dokhoon
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السعر العادي
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Subtotal: 4.000

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