Dokhoon Cambodi (125GM)

Creator's Inspiration

A scent more precious than gold.

Cambodian scents come from the dark, resinous aquilaria and evergreen trees of Cambodia. The gloomy scent has an otherworldly smell that defies comparisons – spicy and a bit piney – and an almost narcotic allure. The scent and clean burn makes it some of the best in the world, Cambodian agarwood is sourced, critically endangered.  Hind Al Oud now introduces the most prestigious incense inspired by the luxury of the past with a signature of Hind Al Oud born from a decade of passion for woody oriental treasures.

Fragrance Notes: Agarwood
Key Details: Dokhoon, 125gms, by Hind Al Oud
Scent: Emarati
Brand: Hind Al Oud
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