Petty Opulence (Gift Box)

Creator's Inspiration

Petty Opulence is the richness and luxury of each and every moment… it is the richness of Arabian pride. Each fragrance is inspired by an opulent Arabian ingredient and can be worn either together or individually to diffuse a true feel of Arabia.


Petty 1 Agarwood  represents the richness of Arabia, the sheer beauty and depth of its vision, and the true, luxurious nature of its lifestyle.

Petty 2 Musk represents the strength of Arabia, the depth and enduring nature of its culture, and the beauty of its history.

Petty 3 Rose represents the beauty of Arabia, the depths of its oceans and sprawling encampments, and the endless dunes of drifting sand.

Fragrance Note: Agarwood, Musk, Rose

Key Details: Gift Set, by Hind Al Oud 

Brand: Hind Al Oud
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