Solitaire Gold

Creator's Inspiration

The Scented Sparkles of Luxury.

.A solitaire is a luxury symbol of lasting love and fidelity. It is a moment to be remembered forever with its classic elegant stone and ability to showcase uniqueness.
HAO Solitaire Collection is the most luxurious, fancy, and sparkly engagement collection filled with the utmost precious woody scents that are inspired by the world of luxury and sophistication, each piece of the fragrance diffusing the most prestigious oriental notes. Uniquely designed to reflect the prominence within each person, the richness and beauty of this luxury set provides true love and a loyal experience. Solitaire is launched to be part of your most significant occasion and to help you share and surprise your lover through a dedicated overlay holder created for jewelry (necklace, earnings, and ring).

Kheneen Al Fekr Perfume (50ml)
Ghali Al Athman Perfume (50ml)
Habbahan Perfume  (50ml)
Serri Ana Perfume (50ml)
Dehn Oud Khas (3ml)
Sheikh A Oud (50gm)
Oud Khas
Key Details: Gift Set, by Hind Al Oud
Brand: Hind Al Oud
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