15 Years Of Shay Gift Set

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Celebrate fifteen years of Shay, 15 remarkable years of shayness


Dokhoon Shay Shay 25g
Dokhoon Shiny Shay 25g
Oud Wood 10g
Shaykha Shay Shay Body Lotion 40g
Shay Oud Candle 40g
Spray Wow 3ml
Spray Mis'ch 3ml
Spray Shau Oud 3ml
Spray Toghter Shay3ml
Spray Shay Touch 3ml
Shay Touch 3ml
Amyaz Shay 3ml
Arqa Shay 3ml
Shay Being 3ml
Mr. Shay 3ml
Mrs. Always Shay 3ml

Key details: Gift Set, Limited Edition, by Anfasic Dokhoon.
البائع: Anfasic Dokhoon
السعر العادي
السعر العادي
سعر البيع
Subtotal: 39.000

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