ShayMania 2

Editor's advice

Uniquely designed with exquisite incense of the iconic products bundled up all in one, Shaymania will definitely be a heartwarming gift choice for your loved ones!

Dokhoon Shay Shay (75gm)
Dokhoon Oud & Shay (75gm)
Shay Shay Perfume (30ml)
Oud & Shay Perfume (30ml)
Oud Wood (40gm)
Oudy (40gm)
Key Details: Dokhoon 2x75gm, Spray 2x30ml, Oud 2x40gm, Leather gift box, by Anfasic Dokhoon
البائع: Anfasic Dokhoon
السعر العادي
السعر العادي
سعر البيع
Subtotal: 110.000

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