Al Hanoona Gift Box

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Introducing the 2023 edition of the Al Hanoona gift box by Anfasic Dokhoon, available for a limited time only. Featuring a special combination of luxurious products to make her feel Shay, the Al Hanoona gift box makes the perfect gift this Mother's Day.

Shay Touch Perfume (75ml)
Shay Perfume (75ml)
Shay Much Body Lotion (100ml)
Oudy (50gm)
Oud and Shay Dokhoon (170gm+30 ml Perfume)
Shay In the Air- Shay Shay (150ml)
Shay Sioufi Oil (3ml)
Key Details: Mother's Day, Gift Set, By Anfasic Dokhoon
البائع: Anfasic Dokhoon
السعر العادي
السعر العادي
سعر البيع
Subtotal: 157.000

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