Shay Much Parfum (75ml)

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Sweet, woody, and sensual.

Shay Much is a unique fragrance that will heighten your senses with a blend of apple and woody notes. A true statement of fashion, Shay Much is a beautiful fruity woody scent rich in sensuality. Self-discovery is essential to unwinding and relaxing from everyday stresses; finding ourselves and contemplating our lives takes time and often space. Shay Much invites you to treat yourself to an ideal treatment of sweet fragrances, a calm scent reminiscent of a hidden island where you can rest and find yourself in this beautiful fragrance.

Fragrance Notes: Apple, Lily, Agarwood
Key Details: Perfume, 75ml, by Anfasic Dokhoon
Scent: Floriental
البائع: Anfasic Dokhoon
السعر العادي
السعر العادي
سعر البيع
Subtotal: 46.000

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