WOW (Hair, Body & Home) - 150ml

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A feminine, sparkling, and captivating fragrance; the WOW scent is fruity, sparkling, and vivid. The lemon notes are supported by raspberry, osmanthus, and agarwood. It has a warm embrace of amber at the base, evoking both strength and sophistication. It is truly multi-functional - you can use it to spray on your hair thanks to the Argan oil and less alcoholic concentration, but also as a body perfume.

Fragrance Notes: Raspberry, Osmanthus, Agarwood & Amber
Key Details: Multifunctional Spray, 150ml, by Anfasic Dokhoon
Scent: Fresh
البائع: Anfasic Dokhoon
السعر العادي
السعر العادي
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Subtotal: 34.000

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